We are pleased to present an opportunity to be part of an exclusive community within our exciting new venue, Yoko Luna. 

In partnership with Louis XIII, We have created a spectacular space, housed in the VIP lounge on our mezzanine level,  that features a stunning wall of 9 exclusive Louis XIII lockers.


The purchase of a Louis XIII membership will guarantee access to all Yoko Luna events as well as exclusive access to Louis XIII events in Montreal.

The Purchase of a Louis XIII Yoko Luna Locker will include

  • One year ownership of 1 of 9 Louis XIII lockers at Yoko Luna – The only one of it’s kind in Montreal.
  • Personalized engraved Decanter
  • 4 x Louis XIII Pillet crystal monogrammed glassware.
  • Custom LXIII x YL Leather Access Key


In celebration of the partnership between Yoko Luna & LOUIS XIII, We are thrilled to also present our locker members with a memorable Louis XIII experience to commemorate the opening of Yoko Luna.  Members and a guest will be welcomed to an unforgettable evening at Yoko Luna including a multi-course dining experience hosted by Louis XIII & Jegantic, a master-led Louis XIII tasting and personalized Louis XIII gift set.

This event will be for 9 locker owners and their guests only.


 $10,000 – Classic (700ml) Decanter

$20,000 Magnum (1500ml) Decanter

Lockers can be refilled with Louis XIII decanters at the reduced rate of $6000 per 700ml decanter.